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Liverpool's Active Promise

Every opportunity to move more every day

About the Active Promise

The Liverpool Active Promise is an ambitious plan for change. It is a plan to create new norms for the children and young people of Liverpool so that they reduce the time they spend being sedentary and increase the amount of time they spend being active.  It has been developed by the city’s Children and Young People’s Physical Activity and Sport Stakeholder Group and launched in February 2019.

The Active Promise has been developed in close partnership with the Youth Sport Trust  and it outlines the vision for Liverpool to be the most active core city in England by 2026, with 90% of children and young people achieving 30 active minutes every day¹, and a 10% increase² in those achieving CMO guidelines¹.”

Currently, 48% of children and young people aged 5-15 in Liverpool are achieving the levels of activity recommended by the Chief Medical Officer or equivalent (60 mins per day).  Only 10% of 0-5s are achieving recommended levels of activity (180 minutes per day).

  • ¹30 minute measure applies to those aged 5-15 and the CMO measure applies to all ages
  • ²10% = 10 percentage points

Levels of activity recommended per day

For early years (0-5)

180 active minutes

For 5-18 years

60 active minutes

Our promise

The Promise aims to make a significant contribution to the vision to create “A Fairer Healthier Happier Liverpool” as set out within the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy, by making a positive impact on emotional health and wellbeing as a key priority.  This will be further supported through the delivery of Liverpool’s Inclusive Growth Plan and the One Liverpool Strategic Health Plan.

Moving more every day can bring great benefits to children and young people not just to their physical health, but also improving their emotional and mental health, building confidence and social skills, reducing the risk of them developing health conditions in adulthood as well as improving learning outcomes and academic performance.

The action plan aims to inspire stakeholders to champion and implement the Liverpool Active Promise, raise awareness of the benefits of physical activity and the opportunities available locally for young people and families, enable every young person and family to access high quality, inclusive opportunities to be active every day within the community.

Primary Age Grants Programme

The Children and Young People’s Physical Activity and Sport Group will utilise £40,000 of the Liverpool Active Promise resource to deliver a grants programme to support education providers in developing their ‘30–60 minutes’ offer for children and young people accessing their services. New grant applications will be welcomed in late February 2020.

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